When you’re choosing your shelving for your warehouse, it’s critical that you consider the correct size of your space.

If, like me you like to just get on with things as quickly as possible, then making mistakes and missing important details is a hurdle!

The smaller the space you have, the more accurate you need to be. Shelving is ordered by bay-size. So, for example, you might want a bay which is 1830mm wide. Fine, you might think – I’ve got room for that. But say for example, you have 3660mm of space to play with, 2 bays will fit right? …. WRONG – Because there is always a nominal difference between the bays – an annoying amount, like, say, 19mm!

Here, you can see the gap between the racking.

So, what else might cause problems with space?

Are there awkward heaters on the wall, or dado trunking – is the skirting going to impede your layout?

Next, don’t forget the height? If a bay is too close to the ceiling, can a product be placed on the top shelf without damaging either the product or the ceiling?

Wall mounted air conditioning units and server units need plenty of air movement around them and access to them.

If there is a wall mounted electrical distribution board in the area, it’s critical to maintain ease of access to it in an emergency.

Then, there’s the more day-to-day matters. When you’re accessing your shelving and, perhaps more importantly, loading/unloading your shelving, what space have you got around you for handling your items. Not all items have to be heavy to cause back problems – so consider width of isles, height of shelves.

You might also consider if you need a step-stool or step ladders even?

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